Tea party with cookies by paranormal.

It turned out that in Adjara, namely in Batumi, a lot of precipitation falls and although it was already the end of May, the second day was hopelessly raining.

Usually we try to stick to a more proper diet, but then we could not resist and bought oatmeal cookies in the store, which we had not eaten for many months and decided to have a tea party. I put the cookies on a plate and went to do other household chores.

Suddenly the son says, “Look, in my opinion, there are fewer cookies”.

I also thought so, but I naturally did not remember exactly how many cookies I put on a plate.

We sat down to eat and drink tea with “harmful”, but so tempting for us cookies. Both the son and I took one of the cookies and took a bite of each of our own, each of us holding his own cookie in his hand. 

And then again the son says, “Look, I took a bite, and half of the cookie disappeared”

“I also lost part of the cookie that I was holding in my hand”, I said with surprise.

Then we looked at the plate and noticed that although when I laid out the cookies, all the cookies were whole, only half of one of them remained. Then we counted how many cookies were on the plate and began to notice that as soon as we turn away somewhere, the thing disappears, and the very moment of the disappearance of the cookies we can not catch.

Then, when there was only one piece of the cookie left on the plate, it suddenly began to disappear from the plate, then fall noisily on it from “nowhere”.

Involuntarily I wondered what was happening with the cookies?

And I have a version that apparently, someone invisible, some energy-informational world just decided to play with us – cookies dematerialize, go into energy-informational form and in this form someone just moves the cookies to a parallel space for the game. And the piece falling back on the plate, respectively, underwent two metamorphoses – that is, it dematerialized and materialized again, but at the same time its energy information and its properties changed.

A piece of the cookies looked quite appetizing and the smell from it was more pleasant than before and I decided to take a bite out of it and for some reason I immediately felt very funny. While I was laughing, the remaining piece disappeared again and then fell past the plate. I picked it up and tried to put it back on the plate, but it didn’t feel good and I threw it away.

That’s how funny the tea party turned out to be.

After that, I did a little warm-up in the yard and decided to take a shower.

And taking a shower is most often accompanied by quite funny phenomena.

Through the small window of the bathroom that looked out into the courtyard, my son’s small folding umbrella first squeezed into the shower stall, and then a large transparent umbrella, which when I dragged it out of the window began to open…

The son, seeing me coming out of the bathroom with an open umbrella, burst out laughing loudly.

How Amazing Life is, so many secrets and riddles still misunderstood by us.

We are waiting for your feedback, dear friends, thank you all for your attention!


3 thoughts on “Tea party with cookies by paranormal.

  1. I often put something down and when wanting or needing it again, have spent hours looking for it. Once I begin to think it lost for ever, I find it just where I put it and thinking – I have looked there 10 times. Like the 10 commandments lost in the philosophy of religion (theology) or just forgotten, when they reappear, there is delight. LOLGB+

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