Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 1. Episode 1. A ghost or a leaking boiler?

“Yaron, how beautiful it is! How I love these mountains and this bay endlessly! I look at this panorama every day and every day I seem to rediscover the delicate iridescence of the colors of the Edom Mountains, this endless blue of the Gulf of Aqaba!” – I said enthusiastically.

“This is great! And we found and rented this apartment so quickly. And in general, it is not bad – two square rooms and I even have a separate desk for a computer and the location is convenient, the very center of the city of Eilat” – the son replied.

“And just near the window there is a beautiful white table, it will be so nice to enjoy this view and food at the same time. Today is just the full moon and we will see how a huge bright circle of the moon appears from behind the mountains. It’s just a fantastic sight!”

“Yaron, please open! I’m sorting things out here. Do you hear someone knocking softly”

“Yes, now. Shalom! It’s very nice to meet you. Oh, is this all for us?”- I heard my son’s voice and a minute later he put a large bag of dairy products in front of me – milk, chocolate milk, ice cream-flavored milk, in general, everything that was the most delicious in the assortment of the dairy plant in Yotvata (this is a kibbutz 20 miles from Eilat)

So there was a pleasant acquaintance with our neighbor on the landing, the Frenchman Yuval. It would be difficult to find a more kind and friendly neighbor.

“The only thing I lack is a courtyard to do warm-up there and sit outside. And so everything is not bad at all” – I shared my thoughts about the apartment we just rented with my son.

Autumn came and with it the time for big Jewish holidays, literally following one after another – Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), Judgment Day, Sukkot, and soon it became clear that the main problem in the apartment was not at all in the absence of a courtyard. But on the contrary, was in … the neighbors from below … who were very much in love with alcoholic beverages, drinking which with the onset of the holidays they became an incessant marathon for them.

At the same time, they constantly played their favorite professional song “Let me move drunk on the dance floor…” at full volume, and the endless loud slamming of doors served as an accompaniment to it.

In general, the quiet life there, unfortunately, has come to an end.

“I’m so tired of this neighborhood and constant noise, but what to do, let’s try not to notice it” – I suggested to my son to take the position of the ostrich, which by the way live in the reserve near Yotvata.

But since we were not such birds with him, the result was appropriate.

And the first soft warning followed.

“We have finally come! I drank so much tea that I couldn’t wait to get here … what is it? Yaron, the bathroom door doesn’t open. It’s locked, as if with a key. But there is no key here, and I don’t even think there is a lock. Yaron, call Avi soon. He rented out us an apartment, let him tell us what to do. I can’t stand the long wait…”

“I’m already calling” – the son laughed.

“Look, it opened by itself. Finally!” – I said, after a while, hurriedly rushing through the open door.

And one evening…my son and I were sitting and talking in his room and suddenly we saw the screen of my smartphone light up.

“I’ll go see who sent the message… Yaron, no one sent anything, there is no SIM card in the phone. How can this be? How could it have disappeared? We even lost a special paper clip to open the compartment with SIM cards.”

“I don’t understand either” – the son said in confusion.

Continuing to occupy the position of the same long-legged bird.

We did not bother with the reasons for what happened and just ordered a new SIM card.

And the noise and alcoholic bacchanalia of the neighbors continued in the same way from day to day and from night to night. And we began to have new strange events.

“Yaron, did you turn on the light?” – I asked my son, waking up at night from the bright light of the bulbs above me, striking directly into my eyes.

“No, but the light came on in my room, too” – the son replied.

To be continued


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