Paranormal everyday life. Season 2 Episode 6. Paranormal Adventures in Antalya. Part 2.

“It looks like the idea of ​​teaching Hebrew was a failure, Yaron.
Apparently, in response to it, this wave of fake notes from supposedly your former Moscow
classmates and physical education teacher.
Let’s try something different, maybe make a video for the YouTube channel. At webinars, they say that it’s not so difficult, but our topic is interesting.”

“Of course. We need to change the strategy.”

“Let’s call our channel “Paranormal everyday life.” I hope that such a non-trivial name can be of interest to a lot of people.”

“I do not mind.”

“Yaron, look, some kind of inscription appeared on the window. What is written there? Record the video … I won’t understand further.”

“Maayan, it says “Record the video, how long to wait!”

“Perhaps this is a reasonable idea. Yaron, let’s get started.”

“I already did the cover as we agreed.”

“Well done! Please show me how it turned out, I’m very interested. Did you like it yourself? And what nonsense is this? Again?”

I laughed involuntarily.

“Yaron, I don’t think you wrote it? Do you see what is written here?”

“I have nothing to do with it, Maayan, I wrote on the cover the text that we agreed on. Then I literally walked away from the laptop for a minute and you see how the inscription has changed.”

“Yes, again it’s the traditional “Ha-ha! Fool!”
If our energetic worlds were also actively doing positive things, we would definitely not have to complain about the lack of money.”

“This is undoubtedly! Only for some reason they like to do nasty things.”

“Demons do nasty things. They just like to distract us from real life with all sorts of stupid things that they do at the expense of our own energy.
But, fortunately, there are also creative energy-informational worlds, thanks to which we live. Thanks to them! But I suffer very much from the fact that I cannot learn to really understand them.”

“Yes, I would like that too.
By the way, about “stupid things”.
Today our neighbor from the apartment across the street asked me what kind of song I constantly play on my laptop, he said he really liked it and he also wants to download it for himself.
And when I honestly told him “I don’t know” even his eyes became round with surprise.
But I really don’t know its name, because it somehow appeared on the laptop itself and plays regardless of my desire.”

“Yes, it was hard not to notice. The song is cool, but sometimes, when there is no mood and you hear it all the time, it starts to annoy.
Yaron, let’s go for a little walk, it’s simply impossible to stay here for a long time.
This noise when the walls in a building nearby are broken is simply unbearable.
He doesn’t let you focus on anything. No wonder that several of our neighbors have already fled from here.”

“Yes, there is.”

“Yaron, someone sent us a note on the messenger. I’ll take a look.
It was written from that very new account of the so-called San Sanych (a former physical education teacher). By the way, the place of residence in his profile has already changed from Eilat to Antalya and the background photo too.”

“What kind of dira (apartment) do you have?” — written in the note.

“You have to come up with such a thing!” — the son laughed.

“I think it’s not funny at all, Yaron. Demons write all sorts of nonsense in order to attract our attention, and with it energy to themselves, to cause an inadequate reaction and further strengthen the fake web, which we need to break.

Look, he also writes that he and our relative from the States Vlad and our acquaintances from Eilat (neither of whom had ever seen the other) went to Spain and were going to make guacamole sauce there.
After all, this is just delirium, or rather a set of delirium, just to cloud our heads and distract us from business, real life and reasonable thinking.
Let’s go for a walk, Yaron!”

“I’m all for it!”

“Yaroshka, look a turtle. So pretty and so unreasonable, she stubbornly walks to the roadway. Now she walks along the road, and right along the pedestrian crossing. What a cute and funny pedestrian!
But I think we need to move her back to the lawn so she doesn’t get hit by a car.”

“But turtles can bite painfully.”

“I think she’s not harmful.
Moreover, it is no longer possible to wait, a car is driving over there, and the driver may not notice it, she is small.
Well, you see, everything is fine, I hold her by the shell and thus she will not bite me!
Have a nice day, turtle, do not do more stupid things, good luck and health to you!

Yaron, Yaron, look here even turkeys are grazing behind the fence, I have never seen them. Look, what a large and friendly animal group they have, there are also colorful chickens and fluffy rams. It looks so cute, right?”

“Yes, and look, one of the chickens, such a freedom-loving lady that she ran away behind the fence and now walks down the street with an air of importance.”

“Yes, even the chicken had enough intelligence to break out of the cage (or rather, the fence), to escape from the owners and the dogs, but you and I still don’t understand how we can get out of this fake web!”

“Yes, unfortunately, it really is.”

“Yaron, did you notice that it is here in Antalya, when you and I go out for a walk in the evening, we often see some funny scenes with animals – either a hedgehog that rubs againt the leg like a cat, then a cat fight, a herd of sheep walking in the dark.
I really like that there is such an active Life everywhere.”

“Well, today’s walk was unique in another way” — I said to my son the next day.


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