Amazing cat.

“Where is this guy?” – asked the son.

“Looks like he’s not here today.” – I commented.

“Yes, there he runs, a green-eyed handsome.” – Noam noticed.

“How you scared me, Baby with Emerald Eyes!
On the road that you crossed to say hello to us, cars were rushing.
My heart skipped a beat in fear for you.
What a pretty fluffy, shiny blue-gray coat he has, Noam, and it’s like to just drown in the delicate green of his eyes! Is it true?
Hello, our friend, cat Grey!” – I said.

“He’s a really amazing handsome!” – added the son.

“I’m very glad to see you, Baby. But please don’t scare me like that anymore, don’t run across the road in front of the cars. Did you miss?
I, too, only now realized how much I missed you, because we had not seen each other for several days.” – I continued.

A gray-blue green-eyed cat rubbed against our legs, first in front, then behind, then passing between our legs and periodically moving from me to my son and back.

“We’ve been standing like this for about ten minutes, Grey is a great guy, but we have to go, Noam.” – I said.

“Of course, let’s go. But look, Haya, this cat is walking with us like a dog.” – Noam remarked.

“Yes, it’s amazing, cats don’t usually do that. Especially since we don’t have anything edible with us.” – I agreed.

“Kis-kis!” – a middle-aged woman who came out of the entrance called the cat.

“Well, just look how shameless this cat is – I fed him red fish and chicken last night, and today he doesn’t even look at me. What an insolent one!” – the woman said loudly.

“Haya, Grey’s behavior is still a mystery to me too.
You and I have noticed many times that in the evening the woman walks here with the small dog on a leash, she calls the surrounding cats and pours food for them.
And she always pays special attention to this green-eyed handsome, but he never even comes close to her and to the stern.
I can’t understand why Grey runs to us, although we never bring him food, which, by the way, he takes quite calmly.” – asked the son a question which interested him.


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