Ghost or boiler leak? Unexplained Episodes from Everyday Life. Season 1 Episode 1.

We bring to your attention a rather unusual story about a number of strange mysterious incidents that happened to us in a rented apartment.
We got the feeling that our stay there seemed to be disliked by some invisible being.

And we still have not been able to fully understand whether what happened there was caused by the machinations of ghosts.
or just a boiler leak or something else in general.

Thank you for your attention!

“Noam, Noam, what a magnificent view from this window!
I so love the gentle play of colors of the mountains on the other side of the Gulf of Aqaba and its endless blue! I see this panorama every day and as if I drink its intoxicating beauty, unable to get enough of it.” – I enthusiastically informed my son.

“I agree, it’s really beautiful! True, I’m more pleased that I will have a separate rather spacious room in this apartment, which, by the way, we quickly found and rented, and also that it is in the very center of the city of Eilat.” – he added.

“And this lovely white table near the window is so cozy.
Just think how pleasant it is to enjoy the mesmerizing view and food at the same time sitting behind it. Today is just a full moon and we will soon see how a huge bright circle of the moon appears from behind the mountains. It’s just an enchanting sight!” – I continued.

“In the meantime, I’m starting to unpack our things.
Noam, can you hear someone knocking softly? Please open the door.” – I asked my son.

“Okay, Haya.
Shalom! Very nice to meet you. Oh, is that all for us?” – I heard my son’s voice and a minute later he put in front of me a large package with a variety of dairy products – milk, chocolate milk, ice cream flavored milk, in general, everything that was the most delicious in the assortment of the dairy plant in Yotvata (kibbutz 20 miles from Eilat).

“Yuval brought all this, he works at a dairy plant.” – Noam said.

“And who is Yuval?” – I asked.

“This is our new and only neighbor on the landing, he is very pleasant and friendly.” – remarked the son.

A month has passed and along with the coming autumn, the time has come for big Jewish holidays, literally following one after another – Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), Judgment Day, Sukkot.

And then, to our great regret, we found that the neighbors who lived on the floor below were just fans of alcoholic beverages, and with the onset of holidays, their drinking became just an incessant round-the-clock marathon.

Also, 24/7, they played the same favorite song at full volume, the words of the chorus from which firmly etched into our memory: “Let me move drunk on the dance floor …”, and its specific loud melody, accompanied by drunken screams, made me jump up and down in bed at night, accompanied by the endless loud slamming of doors.

“Noam, I’m so tired of all this constant noise and drunken yelling, we can neither sleep properly nor do anything fully. What do you propose to do? Looking for a new apartment or trying to ignore what’s going on here?” I asked my son.

“Let’s try to ignore this whole madhouse, Haya,” he suggested.

“I don’t know if this would be the position of an ostrich burying its head in the sand, although … come on.” – I agreed.

But it is possible that someone else was not inclined to agree with this …

“Finally, we’ve come! I drank so much water that I couldn’t wait to get here…” – I said, coming home from a walk and hurriedly heading to the bathroom.

However, it turned out to be not so easy to realize what I wanted – as I was convinced by uselessly pulling the door handle, I could not open it.

“Noam, I can’t get into the toilet, the door is locked, as if with a key. But there wasn’t even a key or even a lock, in my opinion.
Call the landlord as soon as possible, let him tell you what to do, I no longer have any patience to wait.

“I’m already calling. But he doesn’t pick up the phone.” – said the son.

“Look, it opened by itself. Finally!” – I noticed when fifteen minutes had already passed and hurriedly rushed through the opened door.

A couple of days later, a much stranger event happened.

My son and I were sitting and talking in his room and suddenly I noticed how the screen of my smartphone lit up.

“I’ll go see who sent us a message…
Noam, no one sent anything, there is no SIM card in the phone at all. How can this be? You didn’t take it out, did you? How could she disappear? Moreover, we even lost a special needle to open the compartment with SIM cards. “- I asked with surprise.

“No, Haya, I didn’t take your phone, and even more so I didn’t pull out a SIM card from it, and I don’t understand at all how this could happen.” – the son answered in confusion.

There was a feeling that our presence in this apartment as if some invisible being did not like it.

But then we didn’t really bother with the reasons for what happened, which we still couldn’t understand and just ordered a new SIM card.

It’s been a few more days…

That night, the alcoholic bacchanalia of the neighbors was especially loud, and new incomprehensible events began to occur in our country.

“Noam, did you turn on the light?” – I asked my son with displeasure, waking up at night from the bright, eye-catching light of the bulbs above me.

“No, but the light in my room also turned on.” – answered the son.

“It’s not clear what this nonsense is again! I’ll go turn it off! Okay, let’s sleep better, we’ll figure it out tomorrow.” – I said going to the switch.

I turned off the light, but literally a few minutes after I settled comfortably in bed, it flared up again.

“What to do ?
Idea! I will lower all the levers on the electrical panel. Well, great, you can sleep.” – I commented on my actions.

But apparently the light bulbs on the ceiling had their own plan of action, which did not coincide with ours, because now they began to periodically spontaneously turn on and off in their own rhythm.

“Now I don’t understand how to turn them off, I think I just need to try to fall asleep again.” I decided.

I closed my eyes again, but was soon roused from a state of light drowsiness by the sound of a door slamming shut between my son’s room and mine.

“I don’t understand how it could slam shut, because it contradicts all the laws of physics.” I thought, returning the door to its original position and getting back to bed.

“However, the door is no less stubborn than the light bulbs on the ceiling.” – I added to myself as it slammed again and continued, as if in spite of my attempts to leave it open, noisily slamming again and again.

“Well, let it be closed.” – I decided.

But the stubborn door began to close with a roar and open now by itself.

“Noam, how can this be?” – I asked my son.

“I don’t know, Haya, I’m trying to sleep.” – he said.

As if in response to these words, a high metal chair standing near the same door fell to the floor with a terrible crash.

“I can’t stand this anymore,” I commented, and pulling out a poor chair onto the landing, I closed the front door, and he, jumping up, rolled down the stairs with a roar …

Waking up after a hard night and opening the door, I saw him lying at the bottom of our flight of stairs.

“Poor, I understand well how much you had to endure” – I was filled with sympathy for the chair and gently stroked and kissed it.
“I understand how much you worried at night, my friend!
But please don’t make any more noise, okay?”
And I felt that he agreed with my arguments.
Apparently, a kind word and a chair is pleasant.

I woke up the next night to a bright flash and noise.
“Noam, what was that?” I asked my son.

“I don’t know, let’s sleep better, we’ll see in the morning.” – he replied.

When we woke up, we saw that the laptop charger connected to the network was torn into several pieces scattered throughout the room.

I don’t know why, we stubbornly continued to hope that the situation would somehow resolve itself, but in fact only new and new problems appeared.

“Noam, as soon as I go into the shower and turn on the water, the pipes and even the walls of the shower begin to buzz, knock and shake!
It frightens me.
What if some pipe breaks and there will be a flood?

Isn’t it a joke, it’s 114 degrees outside, and I’m all sweaty and I’m afraid to take a shower in the apartment where we live?
What do you think, Noam, if you quickly pour water on it, nothing will happen?” – I asked my son.

“I don’t know, Haya. I don’t think so.” – he answered optimistically.

“Noam, showering in these conditions is stressful for me.” – I remarked sadly.

A few more days passed and one of the nights, to the accompaniment of slamming doors, drunken screams of neighbors from below and their favorite song, a new, sad performance for us began.

“Oh, something is pouring down on me from somewhere above. Noam, are you sleeping?” I asked, waking up to find that the pillow and sheet were already wet.

“No, something is dripping on me too…” – answered the son, who was no longer sleeping on the couch in the next room.

“Noam, where is the water coming from? And why in both rooms?”

Oh, and water splashed on me from the bathroom window from the side of the street! Where does it come from?

Noam, it scares me that the water is warm! After all, there is a roof above us and on which the boiler is installed, is it really leaking?” – I commented on what was happening.

“Water flows from above throughout the apartment and I think we need to put all things in a closet so that they don’t get wet.
The time is almost 4 in the morning, our friends will soon wake up and we will be able to consult with them what to do, but for now let’s go outside, Noam.” I suggested.

We walked for two or two and a half hours, and then, albeit with apprehension, we nevertheless decided to return to the apartment.

To our surprise, it looked quite peaceful.
The puddles dried up, only small wet spots remained on the ceiling, and almost nothing reminded of the nighttime water attraction.

We contacted the landlord of the apartment about the boiler leak, but he did not find it.
And our neighbor Yuval said that the boiler is located just above our apartment and it is likely that there may be a leak. It scared me, but the next couple of days went relatively smoothly…

“Noam, look at what a beautiful sunset!” I said with admiration, standing at the open window.
Oh, you heard just now that from somewhere above, as if from a roof, water splashed.

Noam, she got caught by tourists who were having a picnic in the yard below.
Noam, how unpleasant it is, they thought that we poured water on them and shouted something completely unflattering to us. I wanted to explain to them that this is not so, but they went inside.”

“Haya, don’t worry, they still would hardly have believed.” – said the son.

“Yes, Noam, I’m afraid it’s starting again. Today is earlier than usual, because it’s still evening.
Look at my bed, water is flowing from above, it is already wet, but the main thing that scares me is that the water is warm! If it flows from the boiler on the roof, then there is a huge mass of hot water in it, and if it rushes here … I don’t even want to imagine it!
I’m afraid, let’s better call Yuval, he’s gone to work.” – I couldn’t stand it.

“Hi guys! Do you have a flood again? Okay, don’t worry, I’ll drive up soon, bring you the keys to my apartment, you can spend the night there, I’ll still be at work, you will find clean linen and towels in the closet, you can take everything if you want in the refrigerator… The boiler is really located above your apartment, but not above mine, so you can sleep in it calmly! “- he suggested.

“Thank you so much!” we said.

I began to collect things and every time I approached the door or closet, another portion of warm liquid landed on top of me, as if someone invisible was amused waiting for me with a glass of water.

“Noam, look what I came up with,” I said and heard the laughter of Yuval, who drove up to give us the key to his apartment.

“Under an umbrella in the apartment? Well, you guys came up with it! I’ve never seen anything like this …” – he burst out laughing.

We moved some of our belongings to a neighbor’s apartment and spent the night safely there.

“Noam, how great that Yuval came and gave us the opportunity to sleep in his apartment!
But… I’m not ready to stay in those apartments anymore.
Enough! Why do we pay for housing where it is impossible to live? – I said, waking up in the morning to my son.

“Moreover, I was invited to work at the Starfish diving club, you can even move there right now. What do you think, Noam?

“Hurrah!” the son responded.

So we did, but the question “Was it a ghost or just a boiler leak and why did these strange leaks occur exclusively at night and at intervals of several days?” remained open.
What do you think?

The continuation of our adventures follows, and in the next episode, absolutely amazing unexplained events await us again…


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