Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2. Episode 4. Eden. Part 6. The Exile from Eden.

We asked Julia for photos of the apartment and she sent them to me by e-mail. We decided to look at them on a laptop before making a decision, and what was our surprise and shock when, after the photographs of the apartment, suddenly appeared … photographs of the funeral agency.

“I’m sure these photos were not in the letter” – I told my son and we opened the letter on the phone and really made sure that there were no additional photos there.
But on the laptop they were …

Nevertheless, although we were already clearly warned about the possible consequences, not by people, and there was a WASHING machine in the apartment (see Unexplained episodes from everyday life Season 1, Episode 5), we decided to go to Byala with suitcases, especially since the deadline for the second month of rent at Villa Eden have already expired.

And the next morning we informed Lyubov, the owner of the apartment in Eden, that we were moving out. And called Julia and said that we were leaving for Byala, but she suggested that we wait a little, arguing that the apartment was not connected to electricity and it might take an hour, or maybe a day, to connect it.
We stood hesitantly at the entrance to the apartment and pondered how best to act. At that moment, as if suggesting a solution, the door in the bathroom slammed shut in front of our nose and we could hear that there spontaneously turned on and water began to pour.
And the front door remained open, clearly hinting “Well, go already!”

This prompted us to finally make a decision, we took our suitcases and went to the bus station.

And in a couple of hours we were already in Byala.

There, hospitable Svetlana met us in a car and we decidedly went to look at the apartment and settle down in it.

On the way, we stopped by paying for the Internet and, having entered the apartment, decided to immediately connect it. Svetlana called son to help her look at the password written on the router itself, and he was struck by the numbers 1 9 4 in the password, which already clearly showed us that nothing good can be expected here.

Unaware of these strange circumstances, Svetlana was busy checking the operation of the air conditioner, looking for bed linen, towels and showing us everything that was in the apartment.
“Well, I basically showed you everything.
Let’s make yourself comfortable, and I’ll come back later”- Svetlana said goodbye to us and as soon as the door slammed behind her, at the same moment the WASHING machine immediately got into a fighting stance,

The red light of the network lit up bloodthirsty and belligerent. The son went to the bathroom and the door behind him slammed shut by itself and then it shut itself on the lock and I heard water pouring from the taps …
We didn’t wait any longer.
“Please open the door and don’t pour water. We’re leaving” – I asked.
A minute later, the bathroom door opened and we, taking our things, ran out of the apartment, forgetting in the middle of it our slippers, already pulled out of the suitcase …

I immediately called our landlady in Eden and she gave us the go-ahead for our return.
Only it was extremely inconvenient to inform two wonderful women that we were leaving back to Varna, and it was even more difficult to formulate a reasonable reason for such a decision.
They tried to persuade us to stay, or at least stay overnight, and we muttered something unarticulate in response, realizing that it was not in our power to stay, and as a result, Svetlana took us to the bus stop and after an hour and a half anxious waiting there, we got on a minibus to Varna.
From the minibus, as if anticipating something was wrong, I began to call Lyubov, the owner of the apartment in Eden again, but she did not pick up the phone for a long time, and then her husband answered the phone and said
“We changed our minds. Since you’ve already left, now look for another apartment. Goodbye.”

It turned out that we were kicked out of the apartment in Eden, and we were not allowed into another apartment.
What made the owners in Eden change their mind so abruptly was absolutely incomprehensible.
And when we, preoccupied with new problems, arrived in Varna, it was already seven in the evening and it had long been dark, a cold December night was falling, and the wheel of the suitcase brought, which made it difficult for our fast movement.
“Where to go, what to do?”
After thinking, we decided to go back to the hotel with the “warm” name of the Moroccan city “Casablanca” and a friendly hostess there.

Surprisingly, all the rooms were occupied, but the hostess recognized us and provided us with a very small and narrow annex with a separate entrance, most likely intended for the staff, where we found shelter for a couple of days, during which we rented a cozy two-room apartment with a spacious kitchen on T. Ikonomov street, not far from the University of Economics and the Seaside Park.

To be continued

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