Electronic book “Paranormal everyday Life. Crazy life… and Extreme crazy overnight in a rented apartment”

Dear readers!
We are pleased to present you the second part of our book “Paranormal everyday life”, which includes two extremely funny episodes that make you think about a lot.
Crazy life…” and “Extreme crazy overnight in a rented apartment
We hope that you will enjoy reading about those exciting paranormal perepetias that happened to us when we rented a completely unsuitable apartment in Eilat and this brought out our INVISIBLE ENERGY-INFORMATIONAL CONSTITUENT ― and what started here!!!
Dispensers with caustic chemicals COME to LIFE and chase me, spraying me with them, someone invisible throws my own things at me.

Household appliances COME TO LIFE ― a boiler, a toaster and a washing machine and they begin to act INDEPENDENTLY, as if demonstrating dissatisfaction with our with the son behavior.

The blanket FLIES to the roof, and the sandal lands in the kettle, the phone, the bag with documents and the keys to the apartment dissapear…

Which fall in front of us themselves when we are ready to show prudence.

And this story is completely real!!!

At the end of the book, we have added a small article from the heading “Paranormal every day life. A ghost or a leaking boiler” in which we shared with you our hypothesis about the causes of what happened.
Have fun reading!

Dear readers!
We are always open to communication and look forward to your feedback!
If the events described in the book aroused your interest, we will be happy to provide you with additional materials and advice on the topics covered in it.

We are always glad to communicate with you,
Maayan and Yaron Weg


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