Grocery Store Mystery, Secret Cleaning Dangers, or Extreme Avoda (Work)

After Yaron was suddenly and without explanation fired from his job, we were seized by complete despair.

“Yaroshka, where will we get the money to pay for the apartment? It’s cold and scary to live in a tent on the beach now in winter, there are so many inadequate people. What to do?”

“I don’t know, Maayan, maybe go to the CRP (center for work with teenagers and youth), consult with Nofar, maybe she will tell us something”

“Yes, let’s go, Yaroshka.”

“What do you think, we were with you in the PCR today 2 times and both times there we were waiting for this Terrible Inspector. Don’t you think this is strange?
It seems that we did not pass the test as we should.” – I told my son.

On Friday morning, we approached the familiar white fence and opened the familiar white door with the inscription “Villa Laguna”.

Picture Laguna

“Judging by the fact that there is only a white Toyota near the entrance, most likely there is only Yigal (the owner of the villa). So, there are chances that he will give us the rest of the salary.”

And indeed, Yigal was delighted with our arrival, offering to continue working cooperation.

“Sorry guys, Karin and I had a relationship crisis. As a result, I spent almost 100 thousand shekels last month on all sorts of nonsense and I had to pay a few thousand more shekels so that guests removed negative reviews about us. And now, unfortunately, there is no one at all in the villa and I have no money either. Alas!”

And now, unfortunately, there is no one at all in the villa and I have no money either. Alas!”

“Could you clean room 3? I’ll give you two hundred shekels for now.”

“Good. It’s better than nothing, Yaron.”

We went for tools needed for cleaning and then we saw a voluminous chocolate figure of Adano (an African from Eritrea).

Adano picture

“Shalom, you must have made a lot of money on the milk factory, Adano? (meaning a large dairy plant in Kibbutz Yotvata, 20 miles from Eilat). Tell me at least how much money did you get there? We will be happy for you.”

“Don’t rub salt in my wound, guys.
I was supposed to get more than 6 thousand shekels, but they not only gave me nothing, but they also said that I didn’t work there at all. It’s very offensive.
I showed the trade union notes from the factory representative with an invitation to work shifts – extra (additional) and a pass to the factory, but the management of the company claims that I never came to work.
An invitation to work, a pass and a contract in itself are not proof that I was at this very job.”

“Such a solid place and such a deceit!
Can you see the cameras, Adano?”

“So I don’t have access to them, and the management is not going to watch them. Permission to view can only be obtained through the court.”

A picture of a dairy plant in Yotvata.

“Yes, it’s nonsense. We sympathize.”

On Shabbat (Saturday) we again went in search of work.

“Yaroshka, look Igor from the Palma diving club gets into the car.

“Boker tov (good morning), Igor, how are you?”

“Nothing good, corona, there are no guests, I closed the villa.”

“Yes, serious problems, Yaron, because he has one of the most popular diving clubs in the city.”

We went down to the sea and dropped in on old friends at the diving club “Ahla” (sweet), where I used to work.
Its founder Alexander fiddled with the equipment.

“The situation with the work is absolutely sad.” – he said.

And when we entered the Shuk with sad faces on our way back, a cheerful Miguel at the entrance offered us a new idea.

“Why don’t you go to Alpha Security, I called Roma, he is now leading an additional set of guards.”

“Which of us are security guards? What of me, what of my mother? Are you laughing, Miguel?” – asked the son.

Wallpaper Alfa Security

“No, this is a great job. That is, its complete absence. In the morning, a car drives in for you, you just open the door and it takes you to the place.
You take your computer with you, sit on the chair provided at work and go about your business.”

“Well, we must try.” – we decided and on Sunday we went to Roma.

Roma turned out to be a tall, bald Georgian with a piercing look, and clearly expressing his thoughts.

We left a job application, although we understood well that this undertaking is unlikely to have a chance of being successful.

“Maybe something will already be decided in the store, because Gila (the manager) should finally arrive. Let’s go and go to Shuk” – we decided.

But there was no store manager. Avner (the manager of the trading floor) who appeared at work called her, but this did not clarify the situation. Gila said that she did not seem to fire Yaron, but he can not start working, until a personal face-to-face conversation with her. And she is going to arrive by Tuesday.

“Okay, let’s wait and see what happens. What else can we do, Yaron.”

In the evening we wanted to discuss this incomprehensible situation with the guard Peter, who usually gave reasonable advice, but when we saw him, we realized that something was wrong with him.

He told us the following:
“Today, shortly after I went on duty, a man approached me and, holding out 250 shekels, said that he need to go to the toilet. I was wondering what is there. The superiors’ toilet was locked, but I managed to find the key. I tightly plugged my nose with cotton wool, put on 2 pairs of rubber gloves, opened the door and took a couple of steps into the bathroom. I was there for only a few seconds, but I almost lost consciousness and still can not recover. I called a forensic specialist in Hungary and he explained to me the technology of turning a toilet into a place of joy for drug addicts. He also told me numerous ways to get people hooked and turn ordinary household items into highly profitable drug doses or into dangerous traps for the ignorant. A steamed sheet of drug herb is inserted into ordinary toilet paper, or rather into its cardboard middle, or the drug is injected into the paper with a syringe, and then a piece of it is enough to bake a whole batch of burekas, after eating which people fall into a strange altered state. On masks and many other items, the drug is applied with a brush and five days of a semi-unplugged state are guaranteed. “

“Yeah! What happened to Peter in just a few seconds.” – only we could comment on when we returned home.

“Yaron, a call. This is Yigal. What does he want to tell us? That he will return the money?”

“Yes and no, Maayan. He invites us to clean Karin’s apartment tomorrow for 250 shekels.”

“Good.” – we said, and the next morning, on Monday, at about 9 am, we approached the “Laguna”.

“Are we going to clean your apartment?” – we asked Karin.

“Lo. (No)” – she said.

Then we heard the familiar squeak of the bycicle, and the massive figure of Adano appeared on the threshold.

“Karin, am I going to clean your apartment?” – he asked.

“Lo” – she said again.

Then I broke down and burst out laughing and Adano began to laugh too.

“We were fooled again, again a scam” – I said through laughter.

“Yes, it was necessary to call and discuss the antics of this couple.” – added African.

“A smart idea, Adano. That’s the way it should be from now on.”

Karin suggested that I do the cleaning in room 9, and Adano in room 2.

Having soiled my hands, I wanted to wash them with liquid soap, poured into the dispenser and standing on the sink in the bathroom of room 9, but as soon as the soap suds touched the surface of my fingers, I felt that the skin began to burn. I looked at my palms, they turned red.

“What is it, Yaron? Look at my hands. Was there something added to the soap?” – I asked my son anxiously.

“Probably a drug. Maayan, keep your hands under the water a little longer. I read that after standing for several days, solutions from certain types of narcotic herbs turn into poison.

“Yeah. I’m deeply shocked by what’s going on. I don’t want to go cleaning anymore. Let’s talk to Adano.” – I said dumbfounded, continuing to keep my hands under the tap.

But Adano was no longer able to discuss anything.

When he left room 2, he looked like a complete idiot.

Maayan, when I went into his room, he was washing himself with liquid soap.

“I don’t feel well, I want to lie down on the floor, I’m cold” – he said.

“I want shawarma, shawarma” – he repeated, sitting on his bike.

“Well, yes, it turns out that he inhaled the poisonous vapors of the drug and it was absorbed into his skin.

A dangerous profession, cleaning …” – my son and I discussed what had happened.

“Let’s go to Shuk for groceries and get the latest news, Yaron? By the way, there is another one. The owner of the apartment wants to kick us out of there, because we delayed payment to him, and it got colder on the street, the winter was gone in earnest.

In the store, Samir and Yakov (stackers) told us that today the truck driver was running around the trading floor and looking for a tall, thin guy with dark hair (looks like Yaron), and an elderly man behind us at the main checkout with a completely empty cart handed the cashier a pack of two hundreds, where were a thousand shekels while his wife said: “Give him something lighter this time.”

I was blogging when I heard the WhatsApp call.

“Yaron, this is Yigal. He’ll probably be talking nonsense again, let’s call him back later when you finish your college class.”

I raised my head and saw a man near the gate, waving his hand to us.

“He’s already here, Yaron.”

Yigal offered to advertise rooms in the villa and gave 400 shekels. Before he left, to our surprise, he told me: “Maayan, you are the most important person in the world to me.”

In the evening we wanted to talk to Peter about what had happened to him and about the secrets of the soap, but it was impossible to get him off the phone, he was in some inadequate state and constantly discussed something on the phone in Hungarian.

On Tuesday morning we went to Susan’s cleaning, not knowing what surprises to expect this time. Moreover, the thought suddenly dawned on us that her apartment is completely clean and she absolutely does not need cleaning.

This time, her husband Suleiman was also in the apartment, because almost all the hotels were closed due to the intensification of the coronovirus.

After cleaning the apartment, Susan asked us to clean the staircase in the entrance.

And for those half an hour that I washed it, a few more small events happened.

A courier arrived and delivered a basket of sweets to the owners of the apartment, as he emphasized, with filling.

“Yaron, please ask Susan if there is any other work for us while I’m busy here.” – I said to my son.

Having risen to the apartment, I saw Yaron in a new jacket.

“Are you a complete fool?” – I asked and my son immediately took it off.

“Suleiman said that he bought it, but the size did not fit and asked me to try it on, so I put it on, but what should I do?”

“To say that you do not want to measure, and that’s it.”

“He came up to me and offered to work for him, Maayan!
Take 1000 shekels to start, wweety, and then you will earn 700 shekels a day. Would you like it?” – Suleiman asked.

Before leaving, Susan put a lot of sweets in a bag for us, some kind of cake, croissants with chocolate, tea and honey and drove us home.

Approaching the nearest trash bin, we lowered the jacket and all the sweets into it, with the exception of a closed jar of honey.

Then, going to the store and putting on the masks necessary for entering the store that were in my bag, I felt some kind of sharp herbal smell from them.

“Do you smell that, Yaron? Why do they smell like that? Or is it already paranoia?”

We did not go to the store and until the evening were in a state of deep shock, completely not understanding what to do.
It was already beginning to get dark when I began to gradually come to my senses.
I threw away the donated jar of honey and felt that it became a little easier, then I began to wash the floor in the room with plenty of water and remembered that about a quarter of an hour before we left, I saw that Susan seemed to be hiding several hundred shekel in her hands. I thought that she took them to give us for work, but she did it a little later, when we were already getting into the car.

“Yaron, I realized that the smell from the masks most likely was not paranoia, it is possible that Susan put some kind of drug on the banknotes given to us, and I put them in the pocket of the bag next to the bag in which the masks were. The point – apparently, is to get us hooked on the drug and get us into selling it.
Let’s go for a walk to the mountains, my dear, otherwise we can go crazy from all this.”

“Of course, I really want to go there too, Maayan.”

And in the place where we usually climb the Eilat mountains, on a stone, there was a jacket with the inscription “Champion”.

Picture Eilat mountains.

“Champion of stupidity” – I said and laughed.

After desert therapy, we felt better.

On our way home, we peered through the open door of the store.

“Maayan, do you think Peter came to his senses?”

“Hardly, Yaron. He didn’t even say hello to us, continuing to endlessly talk to someone on the phone.”

You know, Maayan, Miguel also said that when Peter became a victim of his curiosity, he became so ill that he could not even stand his shift and he called Roma, he was replaced by another guard, and he himself went to the hospital and was diagnosed severe poisoning of the body and put on a drip, but his mental state is still difficult.

To be continued…


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