The collapse of the stacker’s career.

Shuk shop. Day three, Wednesday.

The working day in the news store is chaotic.

I took Yaron to the entrance and sat down to write a blog.

When I opened WhatsApp an hour later, I saw several messages from my son.

“Maayan, the here is some bullshit.”

“The chiseller and breadmaker are gone.”

“Therefore, the director and Tal are running around the hall and yelling”

“Samir in the hospital”

“Peter came to say goodbye. He can no longer. This woman, Ulyana, from cash desk, jumped on him right in the trading floor in front of everyone. He left his number and ran away. He said we were almost friends.”

“It’s all right, my dear. Don’t worry. Nothing extreme happened.”

What actually happened?

Well, the cheese cutter, the tall seven-foot Frenchman, and the five-foot Russian-speaking guy who bakes bread didn’t show up.

“My heart was not good. I’ll go to check” Samir, his teacher for laying out goods, told to son and left.
But, he came later.

Well, Peter (Hungarian guard) came to say goodbye, he was tired of the increased harassment of the cashier Ulyana and asked to be transferred to another job.

Well, Tal (assistant director) walked around the store in a not-happy mood and constantly yelled something with displeasure.
Then, he decided to start baking bread himself and burned his hands, from which he began to yell even more. Taking out only the baked bread from the oven, Tal dropped it on the floor, picked it up and, without even brushing it off, threw it on the shelves intended for it.

Well, the guard Asaf again could not stand the atmosphere even before lunch and was replaced by the Peruvian Miguel.

“In general, little things of life, Yaroshka. Nothing special happens in the store. You just have to mind your own business” – I wrote to my son.

Seeing Yaron in the trading floor, the Peruvian security guard greeted him in a friendly way.

“Does this guy work here now?” – he said about Yaron to Gila (the director of the store).

“Yes. He’s in training.”

“Yaron, today there is a condition to stay on more than the usual shift, up to 4pm, there is a lot of work,” Gila said.

“Of course, good.” – answered the son.

At that moment, Tal brought his large polythene bag with hot bourekases and left it at the entrance to the trading floor.
“Take it! I give to everyone!” – he offered.

“Well, you can take a short break, Yaron, you did a good job today, and the time is already 2.30 pm, you need to take a break” – said Samir, who returned from the doctor to the son.

” Thank you.” – he answered and went out to stand a little on the street not far from the fence at the entrance to the store, where Miguel was already.

“A few workers didn’t show up today, you can talk to Gila, maybe she’ll hire your mom too” – suggested the Peruvian.
“It would be great!” – answered the son.

“Then you need to find Gila, Yaron. But her car is not in the parking lot, she seems to have already left. Look, the mishtara (police) has arrived again, they often drive here in recent days, it seems to be looking for something,” the guard noted.

“Hi, dear! Have a nice day, Miguel! How are you, everything is fine?” I asked, approaching them.
“You, Yaroshka, are you going home soon?”

“No, Maayan, today Gila said to be late for another hour.”

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you at home.
Yaron, why does Miguel have such strange eyes today? And as if he was very tired and somehow even seemed to have aged?

“I think it’s because he ate Tali’s stuffed burekas.”

“You hope you didn’t eat them?”

“No, of course, Miguel complained of drowsiness and headache after eating a coffee muffin, probably there are unconventional additives in them.”

“Looks like it. It’s no wonder that a month ago, a woman with a cash register told us about the teeth found in the burekas. After a portion of weed, a lot can be imagined …
Okay, see you in an hour, Yaroshka.

“Of course, Maayan.”

I stood a little longer near the store, and was about to go when Ulyana came out of it with an empty cart, looking at me with hostility.

The gate door of our house opened in a few minutes …
“Were you released early, my hungry boy?”
“No, I got fired.”
“I don’t know, I didn’t understand anything, Maayan.
The woman at Ulyan’s main checkout, when I approached, said loudly: “Yaron, the company has a large loss now, the store doesn’t need so many pickers, you don’t work here anymore.”

“Why did you get fired anyway? Did you tell Miguel about it?”

“I don’t know, Maayan, I tried, you yourself saw when you went into the store that I worked. Sameer said that he was pleased with me.
And the Peruvian also said that he did not understand anything, because today at 12.30 Gila confirmed to him that I understood that I had taken the job. He’s nervous but can’t get through, she happens to have gone north before Sunday.”

“It’s so strange that he was fired for no reason and the headmistress didn’t even tell him about it herself, at least by phone or a note. Artyom, a vegetable picker.

“You know, Maayan, Peter said some very serious and even frightening things to me the other day.
The store does not need workers now.
And most likely I was hired by Shook, planning that I would be engaged in the delivery of the goods that were in cardboard boxes. Understand?”

“How dangerous it is, Yaron. I don’t know where we can find work and money for


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