A parable. How unconscious people are managed … Part 2.

“Hey! This is Vijay. Have you spoken to the owner of the house?” – Vijay asked, calling the next morning.

“No, we agreed with you” – the son replied.

“He came, apologized, said that he did not know what came over him and I thought that maybe you talked to him.

He also brought me a large box of candies, but I did not take it and he took it back.”

“Vijay, we are very happy that the situation is resolved.”

Indeed, both my son and I felt great relief.

“Was the cherry tasty?” – asked Vijay

“Yes, it was!”

Literally an hour has passed since his call and the electricity in our apartment went out.

“Look at the electrical panel on the street, maybe you just need to lift up the lever there?” – I said to my son

“Good!” – he answered and went out into the yard.

I went about my business and after a while I heard him talking to someone in English. This surprised me, because the owners do not speak this language, and outsiders do not enter the yard.

“Vijay came by taxi” – my son stunned me. He lost connection with two of his friends, who came out a couple of minutes before Thomas and went in the same direction in which he after drove. They were supposed to come back 15 minutes later and bring the item up for the bulk buyer. He doesn’t understand what happened to them.”

The electricity was turned on only at 7 pm and at that time we called Vijay.

“Have you found your friends?” – we asked.

“No, we filed a complaint about their disappearance to the police, but they said they would only start looking for them in a day.”

“We really hope that your friends will be found. Keep us informed.”

“Yes, it’s very unpleasant. This strange story will not end in any way” – my son and I thought.

We did not understand what had happened to these two Indians and the next Friday afternoon we called Vijay again.

“Unfortunately, there is no news about them. We are all worried, and the police are not taking any measures. We think that competitors may have captured them. The guys’ phones are turned off, most likely they are discharged.”

Yes, there was one strange call, or rather two from unknown numbers. They did not call my personal number, but the work phone number indicated in the advertisement.
The conversation was somehow incomprehensible and unpleasant.

A young guy called, he spoke English well, and next to him was apparently a woman who was shouting something into the phone in an incomprehensible language.
They said it was a disgusting publicity stunt, that I was tricking people into telling them about a 125-year-old man to sell as many of my wares as possible to simpletons who would take whatever I said at face value.
What did they want? I do not know.”

“Let him write the number” – I asked
When Vijay started giving the numbers, there was no longer any doubt.
“Is this really my old friend I.? Is it possible?

Why do people seem to go crazy with this story about a 125 year old Indian?”

The other day I. sent me a note by email, and yesterday morning I sent him the first already published part of this story and wrote that I also published “Paranormal virus on WhatsApp”.

In response, I received a rather aggressive note in which he accused me of lying.

In the evening, we decided to walk to the store and find out the news directly from Vijay’s mouth, keeping in mind that calls can be fake.

We arrived just before the store closed, Vijay looked very tired and did not look up from the calling phone.

“The guys weren’t found, but there are clues. I gave 20 lari to the guard in the shopping center and he said that he found the videotape when they passed by, often looking around, and a group of Chinese followed them.
I turned off my work phone because calls from the same phone continued 47 times. I don’t understand what they want, they also demand herb from me for a long life.”

We went home puzzled. In the courtyard of the house, we saw two buckets filled with little garden plums.

“Exactly, Thomas went to the village and apparently picked them up there” – we thought.

“Take as much as you want” – catching our glance at the fruits, said the always affable Leah, the wife of Thomas.

We took a few plums from the bucket, and on Saturday morning, on the table in the gazebo where we usually dine, I found a plate with large, as if pumped up by something, seven plums.

I called my son.

“Look, it’s like yesterday’s plums. But why are they strange? AND what to do with them?”

“Let’s go throw them in the trash can on the street” – suggested the son


This is what we did.

I also sent I. a note asking if he called Vijay. His answer shocked me.

“Leaking my phone numbers you set me up. I need to take action.” – he wrote.

“We are again in the web of some kind of delirium. Have he and the owner of the house gone mad?” – I asked my son.

To be continued…


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