Call from the “Consulate” and liberation from the fake web.

What to do? I can no longer bear this constant stress. How can we find a positive way out of the difficult situation that has developed in connection with our hasty and strange departure from the country to “nowhere”?
(See The Daily Paranormal Season 1 Episode 8)

This question torments me day and night. In the morning, when I wake up, I feel an oppressive anxiety and the first is the disturbing thought “What to do? How to break through this web of fake reality? How to make money? Where to go? How can my son and I begin to Live, feeling the taste and pleasure of every moment of Life given to us?”

We left Eilat, Israel more than a year ago, having packed in just a few days. And since then we have not been able to contact any person there.

Why? We cannot fully understand. It is possible that we do not come back prematurely.
And I decided to write a post about our situation in several Facebook groups, to which many people responded in different ways.
Someone laughed, someone sarcastically, someone expressed doubt, and someone sincerely empathized.

Here is the post itself:
“Dear friends!
We realized that we acted unwisely, but we do not understand what to do now in order to return to Life. We really hope for your help.
My son and I lived in Israel, in Eilat, I adored this city, everything was fine, but my son was 18 and received a note on the first summons to the army on July 30 on the phone, and at the same time there were a number of calls from several of our acquaintances and friends of freedivers, whom we trusted and had an extensive customer base. In every conversation, they told us that during the first summons, the clients’ children were taken to the army immediately or, at best, their passports were torn, because the country was in a military situation and they themselves were planning to leave the country soon. And this is my only son and he is still a child, very unadapted to life, we even received a doctor’s recommendation for remote education, and I, we, were just in a panic, and in a few days, without a plan of further actions, we took tickets and LEAVE THE COUNTRY to … NOWHERE, that is, nowhere. Then we realized that none of our friends and acquaintances left and did not even plan to do so.
And we found ourselves, as it were, outside of Life and now we simply do not understand how now to get out of this situation and start living again. We write letters to the Israeli army, but we do not receive an answer, but it is necessary, because the son can be imprisoned as a deviator.
What can we do, where can we go to start living?”

This post gave us the opportunity to understand a lot of new things. Firstly, how is the conscription to the army, that no one tears passports, and secondly, that it is possible to go back, but only having previously contacted the consulate so as not to end up in jail, and finally, many people were also surprised that I and my son being 18 years old in Israel, have not received a single summons (something we have never thought about) and that at the age of 18, for some reason, my son was let through at the airport without question.

And so we decided to make an appointment at the Israeli consulate, foreseeing, of course, a lot of obstacles …

We wrote to the Consulate, but received no response.

“Yaron, I can’t do this anymore. We don’t live all this year, but we are in some kind of horror and despair, we are in this “NOWHERE”. Many mocked this expression, but you can’t even say otherwise.”

“Yes, I also feel that it is simply unbearable. And it really is “nowhere”, because we did not go to our friends or relatives, nor to legalize in any country, nor travel …”

“I absolutely do not understand what to do next. Let’s make an appointment with the Consulate.”

“Of course, I’ll try it again now.”

“Give it a try, because we’re not getting anything, not monetizing a blog, not selling a book.”

“Hello! Maayan, this is a call from the Israeli Consulate. This is secretary, Elona, she asks for what date and time to enroll us and what question we have in order to understand which specialist we need.”

“Sorry, the connection was lost …”

“And here is the letter from the Consulate in the mailbox of Yahoo. Yaron, let’s see what is written here?”

“She asks what question we are addressing to the Consulate.”

“Write what about the army pass and return.”

“Maayan, she’s calling back.
She says that a consul is needed to resolve such a serious issue, but he left for Israel for the holidays and will not arrive before the end of all the holidays. She says that in general the Consulate in Tbilisi is small, there are many more specialists in Baku. But she will find out when the consul arrives and will contact us in a few days. Thanks!”

“Thank you, this is very kind. And the Consulate in Baku is probably really much larger. I wonder how many hours it takes to get there?”

Yes, Yaron, look another letter has come from the Consulate with the number 2.
What is written there, most likely there is a traditional phrase of our energyworlds “Ha-ha! You Fool!”, confirming that the conversation with the secretary of the Consulate was fake?”

“Yes, like that. It says, “Did you believe it?” This time the text is more polite, but it doesn’t change the essence.”

“Yaron, this letter has already disappeared and that first one from the Consulate too. Obviously, we will not be allowed to be registered in the Consulate, as well as contact the Eilat people.
How to be? If we just go to the Consulate, then we will most likely not be accepted without an appointment. What to do? Sitting there on the doorstep? No one will understand why we were unable to register.”

Yes, just as they will not understand why calls do not reach, why people do not receive our letters, and why we can communicate only with those who are near us or with just a few periodically “allowed” people. Even the Facebook groups that interested us somehow disappear … Why did this fake web appear and, most importantly, how to break it?

There must be some way out?
Let’s talk from an energy-informational point of view.
It turns out that we are now being blocked by a part of us, our energy information. After all, none of the people interfered in our processes in any way, this is obvious. For what purpose were we sent to “nowhere”? Perhaps in order for us to start thinking, analyzing, changing, which was almost unrealistic in the daily hustle and bustle? How do you think? Or in order to constantly drain the energy of our life and prevent us from finding a way out by putting us in an extremely difficult situation?
Recently, there, in Israel, we stopped developing, our negative parasitic structures grew too much and we began to destroy ourselves.
Most likely, therefore, we are not given the opportunity to earn money and it is impossible for us to live anywhere until the energy information in us changes.
We need to increase the share of positive creative worlds or energy information in us and get rid of negative ones as much as possible.
But how to do that?
Let’s follow our every thought. We even now sometimes, and earlier often enough discussed someone. Let’s notice these thoughts and immediately change them. Do you feel this sensation when you do it?
As if a small piece of space is opening somewhere inside, perhaps this is how our positive constructive structures grow inside. Let’s notice the feeling of anxiety and analyze it and do something necessary every minute, and I think that we need to learn how to show care and attention to people and the surrounding space, Yaron.”

“Okay, I’ll try. I think you’re right in many ways. The question is very difficult. We need to seriously consider it.”

“Yaron, this morning I woke up, went to the Internet. (By the way, I think that we need to get rid of this habit, and start the morning with a warm-up and search for new understandings.) So I found there interesting information that on all large blogging platforms it is already difficult to meet some living, thinking people, they are filled with bots that serve corporations and feed people with informational fast food. It seems that this is really so. Indeed, lately I see very few interesting articles and, apparently, therefore, comments, even on captivating our stories, so little or not at all. Simply because people do not see them. It turns out that we need to find some, albeit a small platform, but one where live people who are interested in everything that happen, and not bots, gather. “
“Yes, this is a very interesting observation, it looks like it is.”

“And yet, Yaron, I suddenly realized very clearly that the situation will not begin to be resolved until we free ourselves from our negative energy worlds and the internal attitudes they have created.
Me and you, we both know that we GET it!”


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